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Rise Up!

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Rise Up! Unleashing Confidence, Motivation, and Purpose

A 12-Week Online Group Coaching Program for Teens and Young Adults age 14-24 (High School and Beyond)

This 12-Week program empowers teens who struggle with anxiety, self-esteem, or lack of direction to reclaim their lives and step into confidence, motivation, and purpose.

It does this by helping them create a plan of action, by giving them the tools and strategies they’ll need to create positive and long-lasting change in their lives, and by helping them tap into their dreams, purpose, and passion.

It works because it’s a unique combination of group coaching, one-on-one support, and on-demand lessons and practice, which gives them a wrap-around experience and allows them to apply and incorporate everything they’re learning into their lives.

It’s likely different than anything else they’ve tried because it’s not just about processing through their challenges and hardships, it’s about having actionable steps and strategies that really work to help them create a new mindset, new belief systems about themselves and what they’re capable of, and thoughts that will support them in creating the life they truly want for themselves.

Program Inclusions

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Join Certified, Trauma Informed, Coach Jasmyne Chandler for a Truly Transformational Experience.


Kerrick Gooden


Kerrick was raised in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas where he studied at the University of Texas. After some travel, he moved to the Rogue Valley of Oregon with a vision to farm and support youth. He completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Cultural Anthropology with Honors in 2004 at Southern Oregon University, and devoted over a decade supporting youth and their families navigate  local and state social service programs. During this time, he and his partner cultivated a food forest at their home and founded Verdant Phoenix as an educational mini-farm in 2016.

Verdant Phoenix Farm became an expression of a way of life for Kerrick. He is interested in the relationships between humans, soil, microbes, plants/trees/shrubs, food, culture, time, and the web of life. As these elements inform his horticultural practice, Kerrick enjoys supporting landscapes, gardens, farms, and their people who are interested in belonging to the land.